Custom Slider

Among the most useful dynamic elements that Fortuna features there’s the Post Carousel element that is responsive, draggable and fully customizable. Carousel any post type with it, pick from various item style presets (different box styles, date styles, customize what elemends to display), pick custom hover image effects (4 Presets to choose from), Arrow navigation position, additional dot navigation management, how many items are in the viewport, scroll speed, custom query for the items etc. Combine the different options and you get a virtually unlimited possible Post Carousel appearance setups. Check out some of the most useful Post Carousel options below as well as a few examples further below them.


Animation Type (Slide, Fade, Bottom-Top or Flip)
Navigation Position (Top/Bottom)
Navigation Style/Design (4 Presets available)
Animation Speed
Set Pulsating active Icon style

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

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